you are a snowman. explore freely your infinite world of winter. beware of the curious children, however.

nunsaram is the Korean word for snowman

The playable HTML5 game above is a post-jam version, not the original entry. To play the original version, head to the LDJAM entry page below.

the post-jam version is only a less buggy version (with no new features) so it might be okay to just use this for voting idk)

as a result, sound probably only works for chrome now. sorry safari.

the game, while laggy, works on mobile. mobile users should use the fullscreen mode.

made for Ludum Dare 34 (the entry:

code by jangdan (

art by endwl (

sounds by both of us

Install instructions

  1. download the .zip file for your platform (POSTJAM version is recommended, especially if you aren't voting for Ludum Dare)
  2. unzip the .zip file you downloaded
  3. don't take anything out of the zip, just run the executable. (windows and linux users: sorry its messy)

Only the Mac version was tested, so please tell me if you have problems with the Windows or Linux versions! Thanks!


Download 3 MB
Download 4 MB
Download 3 MB
Download 3 MB
Download 4 MB
Download 3 MB

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